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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarships are updated as they become available for the 2024 school year.  Until then, you can see what scholarships have been available in the past and begin planning.  Contact Mrs. Stautzenberger with questions

Official Transcripts must be requested from Mrs. Stautzenberger (using the online form provided HERE) please allow 2 days for transcripts to be processed.

Request recommendation letters well in advance of when they are due – you will want to get one from a teacher, a community member, and/or administrator/counselor.

Transcripts and Recommendation letters must be in a sealed envelope to be considered official

Some scholarships will be mailed to the donor and some will be turned in to Mrs. Stautzenberger - check the instructions on each scholarship 

Check the website often for updates.  

Click here to access Local Scholarships

Click here to access State & National Scholarships

Click the links above for spreadsheets of all the Local and State & National scholarships. They are in order by the deadline and there is a color code system at the bottom of the page to tell you more.  You can access the applications by clicking links on the spreadsheet.